Online Installment Loans – Calculation and Examples

Redoloanistic Online installment loans, with an in-depth description of how to quote online, the relative calculation of the installment and interest rates and the opinions of those who have already tried to apply for a loan. Moreover, some practical examples will be described for the categories of Public Employees and Private Employees and, among other things, it will be clarified what the Cession of the Fifth Redoloanistic consists of and, precisely, what may be the characteristics of all those who can access this option. Let’s see it, then, in detail.


Redoloanistic online installment loans: Installment Calculation and Rates


 Findomestic Personal Loans: Installment Calculation and Rates  


On the other hand, as the title of the paragraph suggests, in these lines we want to deal with Redoloanistic’s online installment loans and, specifically, let’s try to explain how it is possible to do the calculation of the installment and the rates. First and foremost, you want to emphasize that this lender works 100 percent online. This means that by entering the official website of the same, a complete telematics service is available.

Moreover, in these days Redoloanistic explicitly declares what possibilities it offers to all the applicants who need a loan. First, therefore, we type the address of the credit institution in question. Then, on the main screen, figures appear that can be useful in order to clarify the concept described above.

In fact, Redoloanistic offers an example of black on white that can be interesting at this juncture. On the homepage, it is assumed, therefore, that a user needs 14,000 euros and, in this case, the debt could be distributed with a monthly payment of 186 euros. But to be completely accurate, it is also good to report that the fixed tan would be 6.29% and the fixed tag, instead, would have a percentage of 6.48%. So these are the figures that could be met today.


Redoloanistic Loans Online Quote and Examples

 Findomestic Loans Online Quote and Examples

Now, as we know, knowing in advance what the accounts should be afterward is not a trivial matter, quite the contrary. In the previous section we have seen, in effect, an example, but, in truth, there is not only one option. On the other hand, everyone has different needs and that is why it is important to be able to decide on a personalized way on an installment that best suits your needs.


The official Redoloanistic website, as it was found a few lines above, boasts a detailed online service and, therefore, the possibility of the online quote could not be missing either. Let’s try, then, to make this concept clear thanks to an example.

First of all, it is worth remembering, you can calculate the quote on the right side of the main screen of the official Redoloanistic website. The first drop-down menu asks you to specify your project to be carried out and here, by way of example, you will write that such an applicant wishes to purchase a new car.

Then, let’s imagine that he needs as much as 10,000 euros, to pay off the debt with a monthly payment of 400 euros and not check the box with the insurance option. Thus, clicking on “Calculate” will discover that the available installment is 361.10 euros in 30 months with a tan of 6.29% and a target of 6.47%.


Opinions on Redoloanistic Loans

For a company, nowadays, it is also very important to have good feedback and opinions from its users to be able to be seen not only by those who already use its service, but also, I would dare to say, above all to project a positive image of himself to all the others who are not yet part of his clientele.

Thus, this cannot be different even as regards a credit institution for which it is necessary to build an excellent reputation. It follows that the user plays a strictly fundamental role from this point of view. Therefore, if you take a look at the reviews written by those who have already supported this bank, some considerations can be deduced.

It would seem that the service is popular for most people and that, on average, you consider it to be recommended to those who have not already tried it. There are also some users who have been connected to this Institute for 15 years and continue to use them. Others, after various comparisons, have again decided to rely on Redoloanistic with whom they had a positive experience.

Pension loans

In spite of everything, probably, those who are not familiar with this bank may not be certain about certain points. In particular, a pensioner may not be clear if he can access an online installment loan.

Well, Redoloanistic is also open to a pensioner who has the following characteristics or must be at least 75 years old, must be resident in Italy and must have a demonstrable income. Specifically, pensioners are asked for the last two pension slips and the Obis model or the CU. The requirements, therefore, are very few and it can be safely said that most pensioners can apply for an online installment loan.

Now, let’s take the case that just a pensioner decides, precisely, to rely on Redoloanistic for a loan. This applicant needs the sum of 20,000 euros to renovate the house. Calculating the budget, after having affirmatively clicked on the insurance option, you can consult the installment proposal.

In the above case, therefore, you may have to pay a sum of 282.60 euros per month for a period of 108 months. Moreover, the percentage of the fixed tan would be 8.45% and, instead, that of the fixed target would be 8.78%. This is because the installment consists of 265.10 euros of loan repayment and 17.50 euros of insurance premium.

Redoloanistic online installment loans for Public and Private Employees

Online Installment Loans

However, we also see what can be convenient even for all those who are part of the category of public employees and private employees . Even in this case, in effect, applicants of this kind have various possibilities and can make the estimate in order to have clear ideas.

They are treated without distinction and can request the same options without discrimination of any kind. Let us then assume the possibility that a public employee or a private employee needs funding to carry out a project.

A worker, on the other hand, may want to take advantage of his free time to devote himself to a passion or a whim that he cannot afford to do every day. Thus, during the holidays you could decide to enroll in a course, book a vacation or relax in a wellness center.

Well, if this were the case, he could request an online installment loan electronically and, in a short time, he could receive the amount of money required for the program on his current account. It is worth repeating that, by carrying out the procedure online, the financing would be certified thanks to the digital signature. But, again, you can even change the installment without other additional costs and there are no additional costs. In short, certainly a great advantage.

Sale of the Fifth Redoloanistic


Online Installment Loans


Finally, we also see another interesting opportunity called the Cession of the Fifth, which concerns both employees and retirees. Obviously, we must specify that the two categories can take advantage of this possibility in a different way.

First of all, let’s take care of employees who need financing. What are the advantages offered by this Redoloanistic offer? It is certainly very convenient to borrow money in this way.

This is above all due to the method of acquiring the debt that occurs automatically without long and tedious waste of time. But let’s get to the point. In practice, it is possible to access the Loan of the Fifth loan through your permanent employment contract.

This means that it is directly the company for which you work that is concerned about the payment of the installment thanks to the charge on the pay slip. It is also important to know that this option is also granted to all those who have already made other loans that are still active or have had financial problems.

Furthermore, with the Assignment of the Fifth there are no other brokerage and handling fees , there is no stamp duty for periodic communications, there are no preliminary fees and it does not even include the stamp / replacement tax . Definitely a quick and convenient way for employees.

As previously stated, however, even retirees can receive funding with this offer. For the pensioner, however, it is INPS which then proceeds to pay the established fee and which will be withheld directly from the pension.

Furthermore, the duration of the loan contract must not exceed ten years and insurance coverage is also mandatory for the risk of premature death of the owner of the service. It should be remembered that the withdrawal cannot exceed one fifth of the monthly pension amount.

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