Low Interest Money Loans: Installment Loan

Most importantly you know the advantages and disadvantages of loan products so that you can also balance the low interest rates for loans offered, in addition to administrative fees, tenors to the ease of disbursing funds by various loan providers.

Lighter installments

By applying for a loan with low interest money, the installments that you have to bear are certainly smaller than the installments with high interest. But you also need to look back at the tenor of the credit you have, choose the one that best fits your current financial condition.

Ease of disbursement of funds

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Other advantages of your credit will be easier to liquid and return your debt will be easier. Just say you owe Rp. 5,000,000, with low interest, you can only pay a total of Rp. 5,500,000 or 10%. Surely it will make it easier for you to pay back compared to the payment of a total credit of Rp. 7,500,000 or 50%.

Some disadvantages are owned

Usually there are some disadvantages to the advantages mentioned above. Starting from higher administrative costs than usual, short installments to guarantee high requirements to reduce the risk of debtors in providing cheap money loans.

High administrative costs are usually shown up to 3.5% of total debt so that it actually charges the creditor to pay off their debt.

Examples of products that you can choose

Some disadvantages are owned

There are low interest loan products that you can use such as BNI Fleksi without loans where the interest offered starts at less than 1% every month. Where most of the other low-cost loan products always offer interest rates above 1% or even up to 10% in an abortion loan.


You can use a low-interest loan service from JG Loan where the process of applying for a very short loan is only 15 minutes, compared to other loan providers that can take up to 2 weeks.

The loan from JG Loan is perfect for dealing with your daily financial problems with a daily tenor of up to Rp. 5,000,000.

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